Create Quizzes Online with HmmQuiz

It’s always easy to create quizzes online if you use the modern online test maker like HmmQuiz.

In this article you will find 10 reasons why HmmQuiz is a great solution for preparing all of your tests, quizzes, and exams online.

1. Wide variety of question types

Besides multiple choice questions, which are the most popular type of questions for any quizzes, HmmQuiz supports six other types of questions:

  • multiple response questions, true or false questions, and multiple choice text questions will help you take your typical MCQ test to the next level, leaving the problem of the tests monotonicity in the past;
  • type in the answer questions and fill in the blank questions will open up the possibility of creation of quizzes where your test takers have to enter correct answers themselves instead of simply selecting them from the given set of options;
  • free text questions are a perfect choice when you need your tests takers to enter long texts, like essays, instead of short answers.

2. Multiple options to protect your exams from cheating

One of the advantages of the online test makers like HmmQuiz over the regular tests with pens and sheets of paper is that online exam software can make cheating during the tests and even after the test much harder.

In HmmQuiz you can automatically reorder questions for each test taker so that all of them have different instances of the same test. To make cheating even more difficult for those who are prone to it, you can also shuffle answers for each question.

The automated timer will ensure that nobody spent on the test more time than it was allowed. At the same time, the option of not showing the final results and correct answers until the test is over for all the students will prevent the risk of somebody using help of those who successfully passed the test sooner than others.

3. Create quizzes online with flexible grading system

Do you want to create a quiz where all the answers must be graded as “correct” or “wrong”?

Or, maybe, you are interested in making quizzes in which each question has some specific number of points the quiz taker can get if they give the correct answer?

And what about the situations when students give partially correct answers, that are neither completely wrong nor completely correct?

HmmQuiz supports all of these options.

4. Advanced schedule options

In HmmQuiz you have an unlimited flexibility in terms of your tests scheduling.

You can make a test available to your quiz takers during a specified time period, for example, from Monday, 10 AM, to Friday, 4 PM. Or you can automatically start it for all the test takers at some specific moment.

Finally, in HmmQuiz you can start the test for all of your students manually, at the moment when you need it, without the headache of planning it in advance.

5. Three types of accounts for users

Tests are such a ubiquitous and multipurpose tool that online quiz makers are used for many different purposes.

They are used by companies of all sizes, small to big, to train and test their employees or vendors. They are used by private tutors and big universities to educate and examine their students. They are used by students who want to prepare for testing, because tools like HmmQuiz are very effective in this case too.

That’s why in HmmQuiz you’ll find a flexible system of user accounts that suits all of the scenarios described above:

  • in a simple scenario you can create one administrator account (for yourself) and many quiz taker accounts for people who will take your tests;
  • in a more complex scenario, if you use, for example, medium or big HmmQuiz subscription plan, you can create additional accounts for administrators and instructors that will help you create and manage tests for a large organization;
  • for your quiz takers you can create accounts with or without email addresses, depending on which approach would be best in your specific case.

6. Results in real time

HmmQuiz is built with the cutting-edge technologies, supporting the real-time data updates. It means that you don’t need to refresh the page in the web browser in order to get the most recent data. The application will always show it to you automatically once it’s available.

Thanks to this you can see all of your test takers’ quizzes results just a few seconds after they press the “Finish the Test” button.

7. Upload images or embed YouTube videos into your questions

Quizzes without images or videos in the questions might be too boring. They might be even functionally incomplete if it’s impossible to explain properly what you’re trying to ask your test takers about without visual or audiovisual examples that only pictures and video can provide.

In HmmQuiz you can easily attach to your questions either a picture or a YouTube video.

8. Create the question once and use it unlimited number of times in an unlimited number of quizzes

If you created a question in HmmQuiz, it’s always automatically added to your private Question Pool — your own collection of all of the questions that you prepared for all of the quizzes in your HmmQuiz environment.

Later you can reuse any of these questions in any quiz by simply clicking on several buttons in order to find the question you need in your Question Pool and to add it to the new quiz or exam you’re working on at the moment.

9. Create and take quizzes online anywhere you want, from desktop computers to smartphones

What can be better than the online testing tool with all the merits described above? Only the online testing tool with all of those merits that can work on any of your and your quiz takers’ favorite devices and gadgets!

HmmQuiz is fully ready to work on all of the types of modern computers (desktop PC, laptops, tablets) and modern smartphones. You don’t even have to install any additional application to use it there — all you need is just a web browser.

10. You can try it for free

Create your HmmQuiz account and use the application for 15 days for free, without any payments or obligations, in order to decide whether this is the solution you need.

If you have any questions about HmmQuiz right now or when you sign up on HmmQuiz, please let us know. We are always ready to help you.

If you need to create an online test, a quiz, or an exam, try HmmQuiz. HmmQuiz is a web service that allows you to prepare and manage all of your quizzes online. Click here to start a free 15-day trial period today.