What Hardware and Software You Need For Online Tests and Exams

If you want to create an online test for your students or your company’s employees, it’s important to take into consideration all the components of your testing environment.

Depending on which online testing tool you use, you might have different options in terms of what software and hardware your testing environment can or cannot include.

If you have a web browser, you have all you need for creating and taking tests in HmmQuiz

Several years ago many online applications relied heavily on the technology called Adobe Flash. It required that both administrators and test takers used computers with web browsers that supported this technology.

It meant that online testing was impossible without using a very specific set of hardware and software. Usually, in order to create or take tests, you’d need a desktop computer or a laptop with a web browser that had proper support of Adobe Flash.

Today Adobe Flash is obsolete, it’s even not supported by most major web browsers anymore. Modern online testing tools are built with technologies that don’t require Adobe Flash or other similarly limited solution.

Modern online exam software, like HmmQuiz, can easily work in any modern web browser. And since today we’ve got not only computers, but also a vast variety of other electronic devices which also have web browsers, like smartphones and tablets, it means that you can run your online testing tool literally anywhere you want.

With HmmQuiz you don’t need to install anything on your electronic device

Unlike some other online testing services that ask you to install an application on your desktop computer or a smartphone in order to be able to use them, HmmQuiz doesn’t require any of that.

Just open your favorite web browser, type in HmmQuiz.com, create your account, and you’re ready to start making tests.

Online examination software on mobile devices (tablet PCs, smartphones)

You can use HmmQuiz:

  • on any relatively modern computer or mobile device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone);
  • in any relatively modern operating system (Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Apple iOS, Google Android, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, etc.)
  • in any relatively modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge).

The word “relatively” used above is quite broad in its meaning. Unless you have a very old computer with an operating system and a web browser that became outdated many years ago, you shouldn’t face any problems with creating or taking tests with HmmQuiz.

If you do have the very old operating system and web browser, it’s highly recommended to upgrade them as soon as possible. Aside from the fact that on such a PC you likely have a lot of issues with most modern web applications and websites, using such a system is not safe. Old operating systems and old web browsers don’t receive updates which are crucial to keep the system in line with today’s Internet safety standards.

HmmQuiz users prefer to create tests on laptops and desktop PCs and take them on desktop computers and smartphones

Whether you’re an administrator who creates and manages online tests, or a quiz taker who takes the tests assigned to you by an administrator, you can use HmmQuiz on the platform of your choice, whether it’s a desktop computer or, for example, a smartphone.

Nonetheless, even if you can create tests on smartphones, it’s still much more convenient to do it on a desktop PC or a laptop. That’s why more than 92% of all tests are created by HmmQuiz users on the laptops and desktop computers.

At the same time, in HmmQuiz only 56% of test takers use dektop PCs and laptops, while the rest of them prefer to take tests on mobile devices (38% use smartphones, 6% use tablet PCs).

So, if you don’t have special testing facilities with many computers, like examination rooms, with HmmQuiz you don’t really need them — mobile devices that your test takers probably already have in their bags and pockets are also a perfect solution in this case.

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