Use an Online Test Maker for Your Quizzes and Exams to Reduce the Paperwork

For many years words like “test”, “quiz”, or “exam” instantly prompted in our minds the picture of a classroom with a lot of tables and chairs, with many people sitting there, holding their pencils and scrupulously writing something on the sheets of paper. But things have changed. Today, if you use an online test maker in order to create your tests, you don’t need pencils and paper at all.

Moreover, with online testing tools like HmmQuiz you also don’t need to use a classroom or some other examination environment with computers, because it can be used by both instructors and test takers on their smartphones.

How an online test maker can help you reduce the paperwork

Online test makers allow you to create and manage your quizzes, exams, and tests online. Everything can be done on a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet PC, or a smartphone:

None of these steps require you to write or print something on paper.

Why reducing the paperwork is important

When there’s no need in paper to perform some business-related or education-related task it is great news for many reasons from many different perspectives.

Use an online test maker like HmmQuiz to reduce the paperwork
  • You can save a lot of money. Paper isn’t cheap, and the printers and printer consumables are even more expensive. And besides, if you continued testing your students or employees without an online test maker, then you would also need a lot of other office supplies: pens, pencils, markers, staplers, folders, and even table drawers, shelves, or filing cabinets to organize and keep all of this. So, even though at the first glance it might look like tests on paper cost not that much, the total amount of money that is usually spent on them can be many thousands of dollars. Considering the fact that online testing tools like HmmQuiz are available for just a few dozen dollars a month or even less, moneywise an online test maker software is usually a solution that’s at least worthy to be considered as an alternative to the old approach to testing.
  • You can save a lot of space. As it was already mentioned above, if you use paper for your tests, you need to store somewhere a lot of things related to them. As a result, you have to allocate some space for these things, which otherwise could be used for something else.
  • You don’t need to waste time organizing and systematizing papers with all of the tests and tests results. Online test maker will also save you a lot of time on many other tasks related to testing of your students or your company’s employees.
  • If it’s possible not to use paper for some task, it should be done, because it helps our planet. Production and the entire life cycles of paper, pens, plastic folders, and especially printers and printer consumables are not the healthiest things that happen to the nature and the environment around us.
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