Online Exam Creator for Teachers with Advanced Grading Features

There are many different approaches to testing in terms of tests grading when you use an online exam creator. The simplest one is when you create a test in which the answer to every question given by a test taker can be graded as “correct” or “wrong”.

In this case you don’t need to think about whether different questions are equally important or not. All of them will have the same weight in the final result. All you need to do is to set the passing score for the test, for example, 80% of all answers must be correct.

This way of tests grading is very popular, and it might be the right choice in many cases. But there are also situations when it’s not enough to mark any question as “correct” or “wrong”.

Different questions usually have different difficulty. So the test is much more well-balanced in terms of the logic of its final result if the difficulty of its questions is directly reflected on the score the test taker gets once the “Finish test” button is pressed.

This much more flexible system can be implemented if you create tests with grading with points, when each question has its own points, so that, for example, the easy one can have only 5 points, while the difficult question if answered correctly gives the test taker 20 points.

But sometimes even this level of flexibility is not enough. Sometimes your test takers might give answers that are partially correct, which means that neither “0 points” nor full, for example, “10 points” are what the test taker should get. In this case the answer should be marked as partially correct, with only part of the maximum number of points assigned to it.

The online exam creator HmmQuiz supports all of these approaches to tests grading. Its advanced grading system allows you to create tests where answers are graded as “correct” and “wrong”, with points, or even as partially correct — in a manual grading mode.

Grading with “correct” and “wrong”

If you want to create a test in which all the answers will be marked either as “correct” or as “wrong”, when you create a test on the “New Test” page in the “Scoring” section select the option “Percentage — all questions have the same weight in 100% score” as the scoring type. Below also enter the passing score, for example, 75%.

Grading questions as "correct" and "wrong" in the exam creator HmmQuiz

Then, when you start adding questions to your exam, you won’t need to set any points for them, since they will all be considered by HmmQuiz equally important.

If you’re adding a question from your Question Pool, and this question was previously created for a test with points, and thus it has some points assigned to it, these points will be simply ignored in the test that doesn’t need them.

Grading with points

In order to create a test with different points assigned to each question, on the “New Test” page in the “Scoring” section select the option “Points — each question has its own points” as the scoring type.

Then you also have to set the passing score. In this case you can set either the number of points, for example, 40 points, or % of all points, for example, 75% of all points.

Grading with points in online exam creator HmmQuiz

The second option makes the test creation process much easier, since when you start adding questions to the test you don’t have to track manually the aggregate maximum score that the quiz taker can get for this exam.

When you add questions to the test, don’t forget to enter the score for each of them. This is especially important if you add questions from your Question Pool, since some of them might be initially created for the test which didn’t require them to have points. Such questions must be edited before being included into the test with points.

When automatic grading is not enough

One of the key advantages of the online exam creators like HmmQuiz is that they automatically calculate exam results. It saves you a lot of time and also gives you the computer level of preciseness of calculations.

But the computer is only a computer. It cannot understand the shades of meanings (yet!), it can only compare the answer given by a test taker with the answer marked as the correct one in the question settings.

If it’s a question of a type more complex than a multiple choice question, for example, the fill in the blank question, where the test taker is allowed to enter some text, it’s quite possible that the student gives the correct answer but just uses different words.

Even more: if your test includes free text questions, or essay questions, the only way to grade them is to do it manually.

That’s why the online exam creator HmmQuiz, besides automatic result calculation, also have manual grading option.

Manual grading

If you created a test with points, while analyzing your test takers’ result you can manually assign any number of points to any answer, regardless how it was graded automatically by HmmQuiz. It can be done with a 0.5-point step, with the maximum limit equal to the number of points assigned to this question in the question settings.

For example, if you have some question for which the student could get 10 points, in a manual grading mode you can grade it with 0.5 points, 1 point, 1.5 points, and so on, up to full 10 points.

Manual grading in the online testing tool HmmQuiz

In order to do this, open the quiz taker’s result, click on the little button with the pencil on it to the right of the number of points the test taker automatically got for this question, select how many points this answer must have, and click on the “Save” button.

The online exam creator HmmQuiz will apply this new mark and recalculate both this quiz taker’s result and the aggregate result for the class this test was assigned to.

Below each grade that was set manually you can see the name of the instructor who assigned it and the date and time when it was done. Also, visually, such a grade loses its bright color and is always gray, while for all the answers graded automatically it’s either green (correct) or red (wrong).

The grade set manually by the instructor or the teacher

Manual grading might also be helpful if you use tests with grading answers without points, only with “correct” and “wrong”. It might be the case when you made a mistake during the question creation process and accidentally marked the wrong answer as the correct one. As a result, when your test takers took the test, all the answers to this question that should have been considered correct were automatically graded as wrong. With manual grading you can easily fix your mistake even if the testing is already finished.

If you are a teacher or an instructor, and you need an online exam creator to test your students or your company’s employees, try HmmQuiz — an online application that allows you to create and manage online all of your tests and exams. Sign up here to start your free 15-day trial period.