Export Your Online Exam Result to a CSV File

HmmQuiz is a platform for online exams and tests, which means that everything you do in this application happens and is stored online.

This is very convenient, since you don’t have to worry about local servers to run such a tool, and everything you have in this app is available for you anywhere you might need it.

You can use HmmQuiz on your work computer, on a tablet, or even on your smartphone when you’re at home or, for example, taking a train.

But sometimes you might need more than just data that is stored somewhere in the so called “cloud”. You might want to have a backup copy of all of the exam results on your local computer. Or, maybe, you need all of the results to be imported into some other application you also use to manage your students or your company’s employees.

If for any reason you need a local copy of any test result, in HmmQuiz you can easily export it to the CSV file and download this file to your computer.

The letters CSV stand for Comma-Separated Values. In other words, it’s just a text document where everything is represented similarly to a table, and each cell of this table is separated from other cells by commas.

You can open such a file in any text editor, like Notepad for Microsoft Windows, or TextEdit for MacOS. Or, and it’s much more common solution, you can open it with your favorite spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

Export the online exam result to a CSV file

In order to export any test result to a CSV file, go to the “Results” section of your HmmQuiz account, and, in the “Results” table, click on the “Details” button in the row with the test you want to export the result for.

Online exam results in HmmQuiz

If your the test is already finished, in the top right corner of the page with its results you will see the “Export to CSV file” button. All you need to do is click on it. This button isn’t displayed when the test is still active — instead you will see the “Finish test now” button.

When the CSV file is created by HmmQuiz, your web browser will save it on your computer. You will find it the folder all the downloads usually go to, unless you specified the custom folder when the browser asked you about the place where you wanted to save this file.

Open the CSV file with your test result in the spreadsheet software

If you open the file with the text editor, you’ll see all the main data related to the exam result you just exported.

CSV file as a text document

In order to work with this data in your spreadsheet software, launch such a program and use “File” – “Open” menu (or equivalent). The program will likely show you an additional window where you can define how exactly you’d like to import this file.

CSV file in a spreadsheet software

Sometimes it’s necessary to follow a different path. For example, if your Microsoft Excel according to its default behavior cannot “understand” that it’s a regular table in the file, and shows all the data in a single cell per row, open the “Data” tab and in the “Get & Transform Data” section click on the “From Text/CSV” button.

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