Create Multiple Choice Text Questions for Your Tests

Multiple choice text questions is a special type of multiple choice questions. Unlike the standard MCQs, which allow you to ask your quiz takers only about one particular thing, multiple choice text questions give you the possibility to enhance each question with multiple points your test takers have to decide on.

A typical multiple choice question looks like this:

What planet do we live on?

a) Mars

b) Jupiter

c) Earth

Regardless how complicated the question is, it always leads to only one decision the test taker has to make. If you use the multiple response question type, there might be more than one correct answer, but it doesn’t really change the nature of the question.

Multiple choice question example

But when you use multiple choice text questions, the situation is completely different. Here’s what a simple multiple choice text question looks like:

Choose the correct options

We live on ______, this is a ______.

Instead of blanks you have sets of options — drop-down lists — your students can choose from. For example, in the sentence above the first blank could be a drop-down list with such options as “Earth”, “Venus”, “Neptune”, while for the second blank quiz takers could select one of these answers: “planet”, “country”, “city”.

Multiple choice text question example

Of course, this is just a very short and basic example. If it’s necessary, in real tests you can create much longer and much more complex questions. They may consist of many sentences with dozens of blanks.

In many cases multiple choice text questions are absolutely indispensable. For example, they can be one of the most flexible and effective tools when you need to create an English or Spanish grammar test.

How to create a multiple choice text question in HmmQuiz

In order to add multiple choice text questions to your tests, you need to create a test first. Log into your HmmQuiz account (or create it, if you didn’t do it yet) and click on the “Create Test” button.

Then, on the next page, enter the new test title, select the test category and the scoring system, set the time limit, and use other options you want to apply to your test. If you’d like to read more about all of these elements, see our main article about how to create tests in HmmQuiz.

When everything is ready, click on the “Save & Add First Question” button.

On the “New Question” page, first of all, you need to select the question type — Multiple Choice Text. Having done this, you’ll notice a new section called “Exercise”. That is where you need to enter the body of your question — the text with blanks.

How to create a multiple choice text question in HmmQuiz

Enter the text of the exercise into the field in the “Exercise” section, using square brackets — [ ] — for drop-down lists with possible options.

All possible answers for each drop-down list must be separated with semicolons. The correct answer must be marked with the asterisk * at the beginning.

Any drop-down list may contain several correct answers.


The leaves on the tree are [blue; *green; *light brown; transparent], the water in the lake is [*dark blue; white].

Additional settings for the question

Also, in the “Question” field you can enter the instructions for this question, explaining what exactly your test takers need to do with it. This part is optional. If you leave this field blank, HmmQuiz will show your quiz takers the default message “Choose the correct option” (or “…options”, if your exercise has more than one drop-down list to choose from).

Of course, as for any other question type in HmmQuiz, you can also add to multiple choice text questions images or videos, or enter explanations for the correct answers which will be shown to quiz takers after the test is finished.

Click on the “Save & Close” button in order to save the question, or click on the “Save & Add Another Question” button if you want to continue creating additional questions for your test.

HmmQuiz will help you create tests online with seven types of questions (multiple choice questions, multiple response questions, true or false questions, and many other types). Click here to start a free 15-day trial period.