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Online vocabulary test maker HmmQuiz is a tool that can help you, as a tutor, understand better how well your students are doing with an array of words you want them to learn.

This app can also be used by a student who wants to grow his or her vocabulary on their own. You can create tests with words you’re working on, and then take them at any time on your computer or a smartphone. The tests are timed, so you can see how long it takes you to complete them.

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What is an online vocabulary test maker?

An online vocabulary test maker HmmQuiz is a web application you can use to create vocabulary quizzes and take them online.

This online vocabulary test maker offers you different features that might be useful when you’d like to prepare a vocab test.

For example, in this app, in addition to multiple choice questions, you can also use multiple choice text questions. This is an advanced form of multiple choice questions that will be especially effective in vocab tests.

Multiple choice text questions look like fill in the blank ones, with one important difference. Unlike with fill-in-the-blank questions, where a student has to enter their answers without any suggestions, in multiple choice text questions each blank is represented by a drop-down list of available options to choose from.

Thanks to this, it keeps all the advantages of classic MCQs, while enhancing them with other testing principles which you can usually find only in fill-in-the-blank questions.

Since multiple choice text questions include a room for answers inside the main text of the question, it allows you to structure your questions completely differently compared to MCQs. It leads to increased cohesiveness of representation of complex topics, as opposed to fragmentation of topics in multiple choice questions, each of which in vocabulary tests usually can cover only one specific word.

Natural context, provided by multiple choice text questions, helps learn and remember new words relying on understanding and deep comprehension, rather than mere memorization. This is a strong reason to include such questions into your tests when using a vocab test maker HmmQuiz.

Here are a few more advantages of these questions:

  • they are quicker to respond to compared to fill-in-the-blank questions;

  • they can be automatically graded in a vocab test maker such as HmmQuiz;

  • they make it easier to prepare a test with different levels of difficulty, for different subjects and different levels of education.

As multiple choice text questions usually contain several blanks requiring answers, it’s quite likely that a student might fill most of them correctly, while one or two of the blanks will still be filled with wrong choices.

In this case, in an online vocabulary test maker HmmQuiz you can grade such questions as partially correct. Giving partial credit to your student’s work makes the final grade a more accurate representation of their actual knowledge.

How to make your own vocab quiz

In order to make your own vocab quiz in HmmQuiz, use the next set of steps.

  1. When your HmmQuiz account is ready, click “Create Test” and define the main settings for a future quiz. It will allow you to quickly get to a point where you can start adding questions to it, which will be the main part of making a vocabulary test.

  2. To make your own vocab quiz highly effective, consider using all possible question types. “Type in the Answer” and “Fill in the Blank” will be a good addition to MCQs and multiple choice text questions discussed in the previous section. As a fill in the blank vocabulary test maker, HmmQuiz is as easy to use as with other question formats available in this online testing software.

  3. For question types requiring inputting characters with a keyboard, in most situations it makes sense to ignore the letter case. So, unless you want to specifically test correctness of usage of uppercase and lowercase letters, select the “Ignore letter case” checkbox in settings for fill-in-the-blank and type-in-the-answer questions (click here to read more about these question types in HmmQuiz). It will instruct HmmQuiz to disregard all possible mistakes from typing something in incorrect letter case, which happens especially often when a vocab test is taken on a mobile device that substitutes letters automatically as the user is typing their text. With this feature enabled, a student doesn’t need to worry about such issues preventing them from getting the high grade they deserve according to their level of knowledge.

  4. Apply random order of questions to make a vocab test unique each time it’s taken. It can be done with the help of the respective test parameter. Enabling it helps to prevent study bias, when people are more likely to remember information just from the beginning or end of what they were studying with if every time information is presented to them without any changes in its structure.

  5. To more easily select questions you just created from your entire question pool for the future quizzes, assign each of them to some category. It will help you make your next vocabulary tests as you need it.

Learn new words more easily with HmmQuiz

Learning new words is something you can definitely do multiple times a day, for just five or fifteen minutes, without the need to allocate a single big period of time for it. It’s a perfect task to use your smartphone for. Since with HmmQuiz you can make a vocabulary quiz not only on a computer, but on your mobile device as well, this tool fits this usage scenario too.

Usually, if you create vocab tests for yourself, the best way to use HmmQuiz is to make a vocabulary quiz on your desktop PC or a laptop, and then take it anytime on your tablet or phone.

A large screen and a mouse make it much easier and quicker to prepare a test, while a smartphone is a perfect platform to take it, since you don’t need to be sitting at your desk or even to be at home when you do this.

If you want to discover more details about how to make a vocab quiz with HmmQuiz, in your HmmQuiz account you will find a short video tutorial that demonstrates all the key parts of this application and how they can be used. It’s a good point to start at if you haven’t used online software like HmmQuiz before.

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