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Nurses are very important for many healthcare organizations. Patient’s experience and health are in direct dependence with their professionalism. In order to ensure that you, as a manager, have the best nurses on staff, you might want to check if they are really well trained in their profession.

With HmmQuiz you can prepare tests and exams for nursing online using your own questions, so that when new hires come in you can see if they are knowledgeable enough about what it takes to be an excellent nurse before they start working at your company.

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Who can use HmmQuiz for nursing tests and quizzes

Healthcare is a serious business, and finding qualified employees is hard. When people think about careers in healthcare, nurses often come to mind first. They work with patients every day and get hands-on experience with a variety of medical conditions.

Nurses are responsible for many different duties and tasks, and they have to maintain a professional demeanor at all times.

When considering somebody as a candidate for a position in your healthcare company, it’s important to make sure that they are ready for the job they will be doing, in order to avoid dissatisfaction of both managers and, which is even more important, patients.

This might be a big challenge, because many of healthcare workers come from different places with different educational backgrounds and training standards. One way to solve this problem is to use an online software that can help managers to prepare tests and exams for nursing for each employee in every department.

In HmmQuiz you can prepare custom tests with your questions about your organization’s specific requirements. Thanks to automation of most of tasks related to testing, with such a software you’ll know in no time if someone has what it takes to work at your company.

With this tool you can also create tests to help your nurses learn about your procedures, policies or treatments in a format that’s engaging and rather enjoyable, instead of boring lectures or PowerPoint presentations.

Your employees will also have an option to come back again at any time and check their completed tests to refresh their knowledge, unless you disable this option in your HmmQuiz account settings.

At the same time, nursing students can use HmmQuiz to create tests and exams for themselves. With everything happening online, it is easy to take a break in studying at any time without having a pile of unfinished materials sitting on your desk, or needing someone else’s help in order to move forward with your education.

How to prepare tests and exams for nursing with HmmQuiz

It’s easy to start preparing tests and exams in HmmQuiz. Once you’ve created your account, just click on the “Create a Test” button.

You can make each copy of a test unique by using such HmmQuiz feature as random order of answers in multiple choice or multiple response questions. With this feature, the order in which answers are displayed can’t be predicted or analyzed by a quiz taker.

This means that students have to study a little harder and work out solutions, rather than just try to guess which position is more likely to contain the correct answers across the entire test, as they sometimes tend to do during paper-based exams.

If, in addition to using multiple choice questions, you want your test takers to also enter answers to questions from their keyboards rather than picking them from a set of available options, you can use type in the answer question format.

In this case, if necessary, it’s possible to ask students to enter several answers, not just one, and to do it in a specific order, when incorrect order means the wrong answer.

It might be exactly what you need when you want to test if a nurse knows correct sequence of steps in some procedure. HmmQuiz will automatically control if the order of answers is correct in student’s response. If the order of answers doesn’t matter, you can simply ignore this feature in the question settings.

Once you prepared a test or exam for nursing, with HmmQuiz you can provide students with the opportunity of taking tests online at some specific time.

Instructors can schedule exams to be available to take for just a minute or for many weeks. This allows you to take into consideration students availability and how long it takes for an exam taker on average to complete one test.

Features that can help you use online testing for nursing

A test is not good if it’s not challenging. But often quizzes are too easy to answer, especially when the order of questions is predictable or remains the same in various test attempts.

That’s why many instructors use a technique called “randomization”, where different hard or easy questions may be randomly placed closer to each other to make tests less linear and more difficult. This option is also available in HmmQuiz, and when it’s used your students will need to be focused on every question to successfully finish the quiz.

In HmmQuiz you can also manually assign points to student’s answers that were close to being correct, but still not fully correct, and, as a results, marked as wrong by the automated grading system.

With this feature, instead of treating all answers in a binary “correct”/”incorrect” mode, you can reflect in the final grading the complexity of some questions and not to lose important points for your students if they were thinking in the right direction.

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