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Online student assessment software HmmQuiz is a simple solution for teachers to create assessments and quizzes that can be assigned to students online.

Having created and scheduled all the necessary tests, instructors and tutors can use HmmQuiz to measure each student's results in real time, knowing exactly how they perform or where they need help. Automated grading process, that can be used with all question formats except for essays, will free up a lot of your time that was previously spent on this tedious task.

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What is online student assessment software?

Online student assessment software is a type of web applications that work in a window of a web browser, and thus it is not requiring installation of any software on your personal computer or mobile devices.

With the help of online student assessment software, an educator can organize quizzes and exams for their students using vast variety of possibilities such applications can offer.

For example, among many other options, in HmmQuiz you will have access to the following features.

  • Multiple response questions, as a more advanced alternative to MCQ questions, can be used in HmmQuiz as a tool to test multiple-level thinking skills of your students. Since they require the examinee to identify several potentially correct answers, while multiple incorrect answers are also usually present besides them, it can be much more challenging and engaging than more simple multiple choice questions.

  • Another way to make your online assessments flexible and diverse is to take into account varying levels of difficulty of questions included into a test. To do this, you can differentiate their importance in the final grade by using different amount of points for each of them.

  • If your assessment requires that students entered all the answers from keyboards, instead of simply choosing them among offered alternatives, in HmmQuiz you can use such question formats as Fill in the Blank or Type in the Answer. In the latter case it’s possible to request from students entering one or several answers in the input fields placed below the question body. If you use a question with two or more expected answers, you can enable in this question settings an option that checks if all the answers were given in a specific order. It can be a great solution for questions about some process consisting of strict sequence of steps, or a specific order of items in a given row.

Online assessment software can automate the most difficult and time-consuming tasks

Online assessment software HmmQuiz can automatically grade all the assessments submitted by your students. Essays, or free text questions, are a single exception, as only a teacher can define the completeness and correctness of a unique text written by a student.

For traditional paper-based tests, even for assessments that have only multiple choice or short answer questions, teachers need to grade each question individually. For big assessments it can take hours, and the more tired you become, the less focused you can be on the task. It results in overlooked mistakes in students’ papers and incorrect final grades.

However, all of these nuisances can be easily avoided if you start using online assessment software HmmQuiz. Its built-in automatic grader allows you to simply input your tests into this website, give it to your students online, and then just let a computer program grade assessments automatically.

Students will no longer have to submit their work and then wait for a long time for a grade. This software does all the hard work related to grading so quickly that they know how well they did on an assignment right away.

Upgrade your teaching process with HmmQuiz

In this day and age, there’s no reason to consider offline and online classes to be the opposite things. Online student assessment solutions like HmmQuiz not only take the typical testing process to the digital form, but they also open additional possibilities to make educational process a better experience, regardless where your students are.

Naturally, a web-based platform is an obvious choice for those who need to take an exam without having to visit the offline classroom. Students can do it from their own home or any other location, on a computer or a smartphone. For people who live in a remote area and have difficulties with visiting other places just to take some tests HmmQuiz is an excellent solution.

With this innovative software, all the student needs is to open it on a device of their choice. Then they can get started taking exams remotely, anytime and anywhere, provided there’s Internet connection and as long as the test has been scheduled for them beforehand by administrators at their educational institution.

But this not the only possible scenario. You can leverage advantages of various HmmQuiz features during your on-site classes as well. Since this online student assessment software doesn’t have to be installed and configured on each device to be used there, you can start giving tests in HmmQuiz without worrying about some complicated preparation for this process.

You can simply try out this new technology and discover everything you will need to know about it when you’re creating and scheduling your first quiz.

Examples of how to leverage various HmmQuiz features

  • If you need an online student assessment tool to be used by several tutors, giving different tests to the same classes, in your HmmQuiz environment you can create accounts for additional administrators. To create such an account, you, as a main administrator, have to enter additional administrator’s name and email address. Then they will find in their mailboxes a short message necessary to set their HmmQuiz password and thus complete their HmmQuiz account creation procedure. Once it’s done, a new administrator will be able to use all features available to you in this online assessment software.

  • Disable “passed” or “failed” messages shown to students after they submit their answers and give them individual feedback on each question if you want your students to focus on improving their knowledge rather than be concerned about formalized grades.

  • To assign a test to your students, just click “Assign to Quiz Takers”, and then in the new window select one of the three scheduling options (“Set Active Period”, “Set Auto-Start”, “Set Manual Start”).

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