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Online examination system HmmQuiz is a web-based software that provides a virtual space for giving and taking exams, and it automatically generates student grade reports. It helps creating interactive learning environments and improve student engagement.

This online examination system can be used on PC, Macs, or other computers with the modern browsers installed. It’s also accessible through mobile devices — tablets and smartphones — in browser apps available on such platforms.

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Examples of features available in an online examination system

  • In an online examination system HmmQuiz you can create user accounts of three types. They are different in their roles and, accordingly, the level of permissions they have. Administrators are the most powerful users, they can use all features of this online testing platform. Typically, an administrator is someone in charge of managing online tests and creating accounts for users of two other types. The next type is an instructor account. Instructors are responsible for creating tests, assigning them to students, etc. Basically, they can do everything administrators can, except for creating accounts for other instructors and changing any data (tests, information about test takers) added by other instructors and administrators. Finally, there are student accounts. Students can only take tests that instructors and administrators assign to them, and see all the tests they completed in this online examination system.

  • One type of question formats that is commonly used in an online examination system HmmQuiz is type-in-the-answer kind of questions. This question type is often included into exams to reduce the possibility of simply guessing the correct answer. These questions can do this by requiring students to type in the answer themselves, rather than just selecting the correct item from a list, like they can do with multiple choice questions.

  • In this online examination app you can apply your own categorization system to all your tests and questions within them. It makes the process of organizing and administering examinations easier.

  • The possibility to import questions from a text file which you can use in HmmQuiz allows educators to quickly add questions without having to retype or even copy and paste them. Importing questions this way is not only time-saving. It also makes it easier for teachers to share their sets of questions with colleagues that are not administrators or instructors in the same HmmQuiz environment. Therefore, this feature gives educators greater flexibility when building quizzes.

Who can use an online examination system

Many teachers have to manage exams for hundreds of students, and this number is steadily growing for a lot of educators. To keep up with the increasing load, it’s important to optimize the teaching process at least in those areas that can be easily optimized.

For example, an online test system like HmmQuiz can offer you plenty of tools that will help you manage all your students, even if hundreds of people participate in your classes.

In this online examination system you can add user accounts for your students without using their email addresses. It means no more problems with undelivered messages or having to make sure that each student has a mailbox that can be used to create such an account.

Also, in HmmQuiz you need only several mouse clicks to add any of your students to any number of different groups (classes) that are used in HmmQuiz to assign exams.

In business, every year amusement parks hire hundreds of new employees. Each time amusement park managers struggle to find the most effective way to test them after they completed their onboarding phase. This step is necessary to ensure the new hires are ready to work with customers.

By using this online test system, managers can create the required number of exams for their new employees, and then make them available to be taken online. Each new employee only needs a smartphone or a computer with the access to the Internet to take it. No more printing out forms and distributing them manually. And, which is the best part, no more manual checking and grading as well.

HmmQuiz has already been successfully used by amusement park managers who were looking for a better way to conduct such testing. With its easy-to-use interface, you’ll be able to create interactive quizzes that will give you valuable insight into how well new employees would fit your company culture and adhere to its standards.

Spend less money and time on the exam management

Online exams, when they are implemented in your company, can reduce costs related to both hiring new employees and managing the knowledge of people who joined your organization earlier.

An online examination system makes many types of business expenses completely redundant and unnecessary.

  • With a system like HmmQuiz, you don’t need to purchase an expensive solution and then have to deal with the burden of its technical maintenance, on both hardware and software levels. Since it’s a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) project, its infrastructure is ready to be used right now online, without any additional preparations and setup costs. It’s also very affordable in terms of pricing, thanks to monthly payments instead of long-term commitments and investments.

  • All typical expenses related to paper-based tests, such as thousands of dollars spent on paper sheets and printers, also don’t exist in an electronic world of online examination systems.

  • Finally, the simplicity of HmmQuiz makes it a tool that can be used by people who are not experienced computer users, or who never tried a system like this before. Less time on getting familiar with the system, less time on then using it compared to paper-based testing, — all of it results in positive effect for your company when it comes to ROI for dollars in your payroll.

One of the examples of time-saving solutions available to you in HmmQuiz is called “Question Pool”. It saves instructors time in terms of coming up with material for the next quiz. Having access to your own pool of questions, that contains all questions you created in HmmQuiz, allows you to quickly create new tests based on quizzes you prepared before.

This reduces drastically the time it takes to make your new quiz. It also ensures that test takers are being tested on topics they’ve already learned in training quizzes, instead of new material they haven’t seen before.

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