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Online exam builder HmmQuiz is a web-based application that will help you with online exam preparation. It has been designed to provide all the necessary tools for building, managing, and taking exams on any device.

HmmQuiz interface is very user-friendly, so it can be used even by inexperienced instructors and students. This app also provides automatic grading, as well as statistics about how test takers performed on their exams.

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HmmQuiz as your online exam builder

The first question most users looking for an online exam builder have is what types of questions this software can work with.

Some tools of this kind can offer just a few or even a single question type. Usually it’s multiple choice questions. For many use cases it can be enough, but often times it would be better to have a solution at your disposal that has much more flexibility.

Besides such question formats as multiple choice or true of false, HmmQuiz makes it possible to include into your online exams several other useful types of questions. For example, it can be a multiple response question.

Multiple choice (MCQ) questions are easy to design and implement. Because of this, they dominate the testing landscape. The problem with MCQs is that students can often fall back on guessing if they don’t have sufficient knowledge to answer the question. A testing methodology is not really robust if it makes guesswork too easy.

In other words, if you give away points too freely, you undermine your assessment goals. It allows some learners to have an easy option, even if it’s not very reliable, to go through their online exam and to have a decent chance to eventually get high marks, without really demonstrating true understanding.

In online exam builder HmmQuiz you can add multiple response questions to your tests besides MCQs. By doing this, you can make it much more difficult.

Multiple response question format helps solving the problem mentioned above, since each answer option added to a question introduces additional level of complexity. This is because it makes the number of combination of possible answers selected by a quiz taker much bigger. As a result, guessing becomes much less reliable option for a student compared to a typical multiple choice question.

Advanced question types

Advanced online exam builders, such as HmmQuiz, also support free text, or essay, question type. This type of questions is designed to test not only exam takers’ knowledge and critical thinking skills, but also their creativity and ability to show in a clear and persuasive manner what they know or think about the given subject.

Free text questions can be more thought-provoking and allowing students to express themselves more clearly than multiple choice or true/false items, which do not provide any space to display reasoning involved into answering them.

Free text questions require manual grading, and HmmQuiz has the necessary features to make it possible.

How to give an online exam in HmmQuiz

In order to give an online exam, after you’ve completed your HmmQuiz registration, you need to start with creating it. After that you can easily schedule your quizzes for your students to automatically start at some specific time.

Each test begins with its title, so this is the first thing you have to add to your test settings. Then you can select a scoring system to be applied to this online exam.

For example, you can choose that students in order to pass the test successfully have to earn specific % of all points assigned to questions in the given test. An alternative way would be just to answer correctly specific % of all questions, without using points.

The second approach allows a teacher to modify the difficulty of the exam more easily, by simply selecting how many correctly answered questions are required for each test.

In an online exam creator HmmQuiz you can add unlimited number of answer options for each question. Its allows for more flexibility, so the instructor can create questions for all levels of learning.

Another one interesting option available in HmmQuiz is the possibility to show all test results at once, instead of one student at a time. This helps prevent cheating, because students cannot share the correct answers confirmed by an app with each other when they are on different screens working through their tests.

You can change any of these settings each time before you want to give your online exam to students. It can be done using the “Settings” button next to a test title in a list of all tests created by you in the online exam builder.

Online exam creator as a tool for business

Businesses usually have additional requirements when it comes to choosing an online exam creator. For example, the branding-related concerns might be playing a big role in the entire picture.

HmmQuiz offers several features that might be useful particularly for business customers, such as your own page which all your quiz takers can use to log into their HmmQuiz accounts before taking exams.

This feature is available not just in the most expensive subscription plan, so supporting your business brand with a custom log-in page isn’t just for big corporations. A small business can also be presented in a more professional manner by using it. With this feature, you’re able to set up an elegant log-in page that will reinforce your unique brand message each time when it’s shared with your exam takers.

But branding is obviously not the main reason to use an online exam creator. The key point is to get a platform that helps you improve your business processes and results.

One of the most important components of the path leading to this goal when it comes to online examination is the possibility to give your quiz takers feedback after they submit their tests.

In HmmQuiz, you can leave a comment below each answered question submitted by a student, and it will instantaneously appear in quiz taker’s interface.

There will be no need even to reload the page with a test result, because HmmQuiz is built with cutting-edge technologies that make user experience as smooth and “seamless” as possible.

The comment feature makes it easy to provide additional, more detailed feedback besides the one a quiz taker gets automatically after just having completed the test.

By providing comments from an instructor through this platform, the knowledge sharing and improvement system in your company will become more efficient and result-oriented. The comment option helps a quiz taker focus on what they are doing correctly and where they need an improvement.

Students can use this tool to study and prepare for tests

“How do I prepare for an online exam?” This is a popular question among students who want to be ready for such an important event.

Many people are not confident in their exam taking skills. This can be attributed to the fact that they have never taken an online exam before, or maybe they’ve just never been exposed to this type of testing format in general.

If you are looking for a way to a become more comfortable with the idea of taking an online exam, HmmQuiz might be the solution you need.

Actually, it’s a common scenario. A lot of students have already chosen HmmQuiz as their go-to tool to use it when they want to study for an exam online.

Wide variety of features and options of this applications helps them get an experience of taking an online test without the stress of a real exam.

In this app, you can create all the tests you need in order to prepare for a future quiz. Then just take them as many times as you want, until you’re confident in your knowledge and skills.

If you fail in one or even several of your attempts, there’s no embarrassment, unlike when you’re taking real exams with poor results.

It’s just you and an online app in a training mode. So, even the biggest failure during these mock exam sessions won’t have any negative consequences.

And it’s definitely much better to fail the mock exam, and then discover which points needs to be addressed to study for your future real online exam, rather than go and take that important test without any prior experience with something at least similar to it.

Preparation for important exams is not the only possible goal that students might have when using HmmQuiz. This online exam creator might also be helpful if you’re trying to figure out how to study for an online class, just a regular one. Any practice is good, because it helps you as a student to improve not only results in tests, but also knowledge, which is even more important in the long run.

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