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Multiple choice test maker HmmQuiz can help teachers and business managers to streamline testing while providing a rigorous examination process for their test takers.

This easy-to-use tool allows you to quickly set up an online quiz or exam with your own questions. The testing system is designed in such a way that it will automatically grade students’ answers based on the right or wrong responses defined by you in questions settings.

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Engineering question created with multiple choice test maker

What is a multiple choice test maker?

To answer this question properly, let’s start from the very beginning: what is a test in the first place? A test is a form of assessment that consists of questions and answers to be answered by the student. The purpose of a test can vary from evaluating what someone has learned, determining whether or not they have mastered a certain skill, to checking their understanding of a piece of information.

One way to create tests is using multiple choice questions — questions with several answer options. A person may use this type of questions when she or he wants to offer a simple assessment format that can be easily understood by most quiz takers.

A multiple choice test maker is a computer program, or, which is the most common option nowadays, a web application. It simplifies the process of creation of multiple choice tests and automatically grades them once such tests are submitted by students online.

HmmQuiz as a multiple choice test maker for online tests and exams saves time by providing a quick way to create online tests and exams with no coding skills required.

It was created for:

  • teachers who want to give quizzes as homework or in a classroom;

  • managers who need to make a quiz on company policies or products;

  • or anyone else looking for an effective tool for making tests easily available online.

Main features of an online multiple choice quiz maker

Of course, the main feature of any multiple choice quiz maker software is the possibility to create multiple choice questions. Such questions used in online tests can make a test much easier to grade, which is why they are often preferred over other types of question formats.

In cases where the instructor has chosen not to include essay (free text) or fill-in-the blank questions for their course work or exam, multiple choice offers an alternative that ensures consistency throughout all students’ materials.

It helps to eliminate possible typing errors in quiz takers’ responses. As a result, it eases grading, because there’s no need to look at every response individually. The software can do this job without human assistance.

Multiple choice text questions can be used in HmmQuiz as an alternative form of questions when making a multiple choice test. Instead of dividing each question into two main sections (a question body and a set of possible answers), these questions make it possible to offer students just a normal text with one or several blanks. These blanks can be filled with answers available in drop-down lists.

Additional features in HmmQuiz

For tests made in multiple choice quiz maker app to be taken, you need to create accounts for your quiz takers in HmmQuiz. If your students have email addresses, once you’ve prepared their accounts, they will receive messages allowing them to log into the system.

Having scheduled the test online, you can view each student’s test result details in real time once they click “Finish the Test” button in their web browser.

In order to limit access to correct answers even for those students who already submitted their responses, in HmmQuiz there’s a special feature that makes it possible to not show correct answers to anyone until the instructor decides to lift this restriction.

How to make multiple choice questions in HmmQuiz

In order to create a new item in a multiple choice question maker, you need to create a HmmQuiz account first.

When this step is successfully completed, click on the “Create Test” button, fill out general test settings, and then you’ll immediately get to the page allowing you to start adding your multiple choice questions.

At this point it’s important to decide whether your want to assign specific number of points to each question or not. In multiple choice quiz generator HmmQuiz you can take either path.

Grading different questions with a higher or lower number of points, depending on how difficult they are, allows for more accurate and fair scoring due to the differences in difficulty between them.

Adding images to your questions in HmmQuiz also can help you in a number of ways. For example, if there are important points that need to be emphasized in the exam, adding pictures will make it easier for students to remember certain key facts to then give correct answers.

Adding images also helps because when writing tests quiz takers would be happy to see more than just words or numbers, which could get boring after seeing so many questions. Images give variety and interest while improving attention retention at the same time.

Reuse multiple choice questions from your Question Pool

Another useful option, available in HmmQuiz, is called Question Pool. It allows you to reuse questions from previously created tests, which can be beneficial in a number of ways.

It saves instructors time, because they do not need to create new test items from scratch. Also, reused material is likely already well known by students who have taken the test before. Repetition increases student’s familiarity with content, which improves recall when taking multiple choice exams.

Also, a lot of people learn better when information follows similar structures or patterns. Creating more repetitious learning situations through taking similar tests will increase retention levels over time.

Benefits of using this tool in education

Without an online multiple choice test maker like HmmQuiz, making multiple choice tests can be a real pain, causing a lot of annoyance. You have to manually create and design each question, then you need to grade tests, and finally you have to enter the scores into a spreadsheet.

It might be so time-consuming that some teachers may just skip creating quizzes for their students altogether. But tests are important, because they help an instructor keep track of student progress and gauge their understanding of the material they’re covering in class.

HmmQuiz makes it easy for teachers to create and manage online quizzes on any device, even if you’ve never made a multiple choice quiz online before.

All you have to do in this multiple choice test maker software is to type in the topic of each question, add answer choices, choose how many points each question is worth, and hit “Save Question”. It takes just 10 minutes from start to finish, including typing out dozens of questions.

Since HmmQuiz is equipped with wide variety of features, you might also use it as your online multiple choice spelling test maker to assist in learning foreign languages.

Example of business usage of multiple choice creators

The energy and fuel industry is a competitive one. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to make sure that their employees are well trained in every aspect of their jobs.

However, creating multiple choice tests can require a lot of resources and thus be expensive for managers who have other responsibilities as well.

HmmQuiz will help a manager create great looking quizzes quickly and easily, without needing any design skills at all. With this multiple choice quiz maker software you’ll be able to make quizzes with just filling out several simple online forms.

This software makes it possible for your company’s managers to spend less money on training new hires by making their own multiple choice tests, instead of delegating or even outsourcing this task, which could induce significant costs.

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