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HmmQuiz is an online testing tool that can be used as a multiple choice spelling test maker to learn English, Spanish, French, or any other language. It allows teachers, tutors, and language learners to create online quizzes with multiple choice questions, including the ones focused on spelling.

Instructors can make a quiz as long or short as they want, and HmmQuiz will automatically check which answers were selected correctly and incorrectly. This tool is suitable for teaching spelling in classrooms, thanks to its ease of use and instant grading of students' work.

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Use full power of an online multiple choice spelling test maker

When making a spelling test with multiple choice questions (MCQs) in HmmQuiz, it’s important to take into account several things:

  • What are the advantages of multiple choice questions?

  • What other question types provide the same advantages and therefore can be used in a test of this kind as well, to make a quiz more flexible, diverse, and engaging?

Classic multiple choice questions have so many proponents for a lot of reasons. They allow you not only to check the knowledge and understanding a quiz taker has acquired, but also to offer the easiest possible answering method for students.

Such questions are much less time-consuming compared to, say, essay-based assessment methods, and it’s true for both tutors and students.

Also, tasks of this type quickly give teachers sufficient insight into what learners know about certain topics, which makes it easier to sport many possible issues related to testing or teaching.

At the same time, besides classic multiple choice questions, in a spelling test maker HmmQuiz you can use in MCQ spelling tests two other question types. They are very close to multiple choice questions, but at the same time they provide a little bit different angle and perspective when it comes to thinking and decision-making processes necessary to answer them.

  • Multiple choice text questions usually are more informative than multiple choice questions. Since in this case multiple answer options are seamlessly integrated into a text rather than separated from it, they might be easier to understand compared to classic multiple choice questions, even if a multiple choice text question has several sections requiring answers.

  • True or false questions might require even less time than MCQs to answer — of course, unless the question topic is very tricky and subtle. Such questions can be used for more than just a knowledge test. They may also increase student engagement levels by adding an element of easiness or even fun into the equation.

How to optimize administration of tests and exams with HmmQuiz

Reusing questions from previous tests can save you time and help ensure that students are prepared for upcoming assessments. In an online multiple choice test maker HmmQuiz you can do it with a feature called “Question Pool”, which gives you access to the entire collection of questions you added to tests in this application.

Even though teachers may create a completely new test each time they need to give one, often times it makes sense to include into your quizzes, at least partially, questions your students already saw in previous tests.

Repurposing old material by using past exam questions not only helps instructors reduce boredom while preparing new quizzes. It also gives test takers additional chance to revisit material that they were taught earlier.

Another advantage of using an online multiple choice spelling test maker, such as HmmQuiz, is that with this app you can conduct not only on-premises tests, but the remote ones as well. You can even make it a mixed experience: some quiz takers can take it in a classroom, while the rest are doing it remotely at the very same time.

Additional instructions on how to use a multiple choice spelling test generator

Besides all the possibilities described above, a multiple choice spelling test generator HmmQuiz can offer you many other useful features.

  • Ordering answers randomly in questions added to a multiple choice spelling quiz makes your students think more critically when tackling them. This feature removes the correct answer placement pattern that might otherwise be present in a test due to instructor’s own automatic thinking.

  • The “Classes” section in HmmQuiz lets you group students together into classes. It also helps instructors manage each group’s configuration and keep track of group’s results. This part of the application will show you how many groups were created and what students were added to them. It will also tell you how many members are in each class.

  • In HmmQuiz you can add a student to multiple classes at the same time. This feature allows teachers and tutors to manage students’ participation in different courses more easily.

  • With several scheduling options, instructors can schedule tests for their students to be available at any specific moment, whether it’s just minutes or several days from now. It makes testing process more efficient and organized. Thanks to easy-to-use interface, instructors have all they need to easily plan multiple test periods with different timing.

  • Having added a test to a schedule, a teacher can quickly send students email notifications about it. The text of such a notification is automatically generated by HmmQuiz, and it contains all the relevant information. So, in order to use this feature, you literally just need to click two buttons. This way a tutor doesn’t have to send reminders through other methods, like chats, SMS, etc.

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