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Do you want to make your own spelling test for your students? Or, maybe, you are looking for a way to improve your Spanish or French language skills?

HmmQuiz is here to help you with all of this. You can make a test online in just five minutes, and then share it with your students or practice with it yourself.

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A language-related question you can prepare when you create your own spelling test online with HmmQuiz

Use full power of HmmQuiz to make your own spelling test

As HmmQuiz supports different types of questions, your spelling tests can be very diverse.

For example, you can make a test where students have to identify words that are spelled incorrectly, or ask them to select the correct option from four or six different words, while all of them but one are wrong. This is the type of tasks that is perfect for multiple choice questions.

For deeper level of testing consider making a spelling test with fill in the blank questions. For this type of questions make sure to provide several answer options that are grammatically correct. And make sure that modified sentences make enough sense when some words are omitted and replaced with empty input fields (blanks).

Also, don’t forget about other types of questions, such as type in the answer. In this case you prepare some question body and give a student one or several input fields to enter their responses. Unlike fill in the blank questions, this question type can easily avoid contextual hints if they are really unwanted.

Finally, multiple choice text questions are something in between multiple choice questions and fill in the blank questions. They have the natural flow of the latter and the easiness of use for students of the former. So, make sure to include questions of this type into your spelling tests as well.

Check spelling of your own tests

Once the test is created, always review your questions and fix all the typos (if any). Seeing incorrect spelling in the instructions or question bodies of the spelling tests might be pretty confusing for students and even a little bit awkward.

Probably, the best way to do it is to use a “Preview” functionality of HmmQuiz. In this mode you can take a test exactly as your students will, so all the wrong parts will surface immediately.

The “Preview” mode is an excellent tool to actually practice your tests if you’re a student, not a teacher or an instructor. Many HmmQuiz users use it like this instead of creating quiz taker accounts for themselves.

Useful HmmQuiz features to make and use custom spelling tests

  • The app will prepare detailed reports for all the tests that were taken on the platform. If necessary, you can export such data to Excel or other programs that can understand a simple CSV file format.

  • Any question that you create in HmmQuiz is automatically added to the question pool and can be reused in other tests. For example, if you need to make several slightly different spelling tests for different classes, then all you have to do is to include any old questions from your question pool into any number of new tests.

  • Spelling errors might be tiny and difficult to notice, that’s why automatic grading is so important. HmmQuiz will check if your students have completed the tests correctly and will spot wrong answers automatically.

  • It’s no secret that different words have different difficulty when it comes to learning them. It can be reflected in your test settings if you use tests with grading with points. This way you can compose a test with different questions having different point values, to make your quiz challenging and to reflect its various levels of difficulty.

How students can use HmmQuiz to study languages

Many students find it difficult to memorize correct spelling for various words, which can even cause fear of taking a test in some cases. HmmQuiz can help them learn such words with joy instead.

As it was already briefly mentioned above, the program allows you to create your own spelling test online with questions of any difficulty level, and you can do this in a comfort of your own home.

For example, you can set up several different tests for each level, from the easiest words to the most difficult ones.

After a student completes the test, he or she gets to see their results immediately on the screen, so they knows what areas need improvement before moving to the next set of tasks. If this is not the scenario you’d like to have, you can disable showing results right after the test in HmmQuiz general settings section.

The more spelling tests students take, the better it is for their learning process. It also helps them see in a tangible way that they are progressing in their studies. As a result, they will be more motivated to continue learning the language.

With HmmQuiz, students have access to their personal page where they will find all of their tests, listed in an order they were taken in. This helps them know exactly how well they are doing at any given time.

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