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Staying competitive is one of the most difficult tasks for small businesses. One way of doing this is by harnessing the power of technologies and using a learning management system (LMS). LMS for small business can help such companies become more productive, optimize their processes, and improve customer service through training.

HmmQuiz is a web-based LMS that you can use to create tests and exams for your employees and job applicants.

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What is a learning management system (LMS) for small business?

LMS for small business is a system that helps business owners and managers make learning and development more accessible for their company employees, while making these processes more easily manageable and effective.

From a technical point of view, learning management systems are typically web-based platforms where various aspects of an organization’s learning needs come together in one place.

Different LMS can help with different ranges of tasks. HmmQuiz as a learning management system is focused specifically on tests, exams, and all kinds of activities related to them.

HmmQuiz has been used by various businesses for testing new employees and as a tool that helps administer regular internal certification programs.

Customers use HmmQuiz for both formative assessments, when quiz takers take tests during the learning process, and summative assessments, which take place after the learning process is over and it’s time to evaluate knowledge and skills employees acquired in the training.

This LMS offers many benefits for small business owners. First of all, it saves money, because there is no need to invest in expensive processes, software, and equipment. Also, one of the not the most obvious advantages is that it provides their staff with the opportunity to learn at their own pace instead of being required to attend classes. And since this software allows employees to access tests and exams without anyone’s help, there’s no need for costly in-person sessions.

In addition to all of this, such systems can increase productivity in your office, on all the levels involved in training and administering tests.

What types of small businesses can use an LMS

HmmQuiz can be used by companies that do business in almost any kind of industries:

  • retail (stores, shops);

  • restaurants and food industry;

  • hotels;

  • real estate;

  • healthcare services;

  • cosmetology;

  • education;

  • transportation;

  • manufacturing;

  • … and many more.

The best learning management systems are created as platforms that are very flexible and well-equipped to be used in almost limitless contexts. Thanks to this they can be a great choice even in those cases when businesses are looking for some industry-specific LMS, like healthcare LMS.

HmmQuiz is designed for both businesses that need only the most basic functionality and those with more complex needs.

For example, all types of businesses will find it useful to have access to various types of questions in HmmQuiz, such as multiple choice questions, multiple response questions, or fill in the blank questions.

Specifically, multiple response questions (the ones where more than one answer can be correct), with even one wrong answer option, cannot be easily answered correctly if a quiz taker doesn’t pay attention to details which are important in your business.

If people you need to schedule a test for don’t have email addresses because they are not very comfortable with modern technologies, in HmmQuiz you can create quiz taker accounts that don’t require email addresses. Such accounts will allow them to log into the system and take tests with just usernames and passwords.

For quiz takers without email addresses HmmQuiz will automatically generate usernames and passwords, but as an administrator you can change them if you want to at any time.

Businesses that have many employees or have to test a lot of people before hiring one person can leverage a range of HmmQuiz features built around the problem of managing a lot of quiz takers. For instance, such companies can effortlessly create dozens or hundreds of quiz taker accounts.

They can also add additional accounts for administrators or instructors, and then narrow down sets of results with just a click of a mouse on advanced filters, to show only results for tests that were scheduled by a specific manager.

How to implement an LMS system in a small business

One of the first questions that comes to mind when a business owner or a manager decides to start using an LMS is whether to build your own system or to use some solution available on the market.

Usually, creating your own learning management system is not an optimal choice, especially for a small business. There are web services that are ready to be used right now. Thus you won’t need to spend months and significant sums of money on creating a custom LMS to just get to the point where you already are.

The next step is to figure out what features of business LMS are necessary to meet the needs of your company, so that you could find a provider that can offer them.

For example, HmmQuiz is all about creating and managing tests, so if they are the main part of your training programs, then it might be a perfect choice for you.

When it comes to testing, HmmQuiz, besides features mentioned above, has lots of other components that help users get experience they’re looking for. For example, even for such a narrow task as managing students’ results here you’ll find many various options:

  • You can view each quiz taker’s result with all the details, including every question with the given answers, the final score, time spent on the test, and information about when the quiz was started.

  • If you don’t want to make the final result available to an employee right after she or he completed the exam, you can enable a feature that doesn’t show this information to a quiz taker until the test is removed from the schedule.

  • Depending on the type of tests you want to give, you can enable or disable displaying of “passed” / “failed” status.

  • Each quiz taker’s result becomes available to you immediately once a student clicks on the “Finish the Test” button.

Finally, when LMS is selected, the only thing that’s left is to start using it in your business. With simple solutions like HmmQuiz you don’t need to spend resources to train staff members to use such a tool, because it has very lightweight and intuitive interface. There’s also a short video tutorial that covers all the information necessary to use most of its key features.

How much does an LMS system cost?

An important aspect that needs consideration when deciding on which LMS is best suited for your organization’s learning requirements is cost effectiveness. It includes not only initial investments, but also ongoing operational costs.

Small businesses usually prefer cost-effective solutions, and HmmQuiz fits this requirement:

  • you can have access to all its features for just several dozen dollars a month, and the basic version is even cheaper;

  • no initial investments to start using it are required, free trial period is available;

  • no long-term contracts, just pay on a monthly basis, cancel your subscription at any time.

Choose HmmQuiz as your LMS for small business:

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