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Fill in the blank test maker HmmQuiz is a tool that allows its users to create online fill-in-the-blank tests with questions from their own content.

The user interface of this online software offers a lot of different features, while remaining very simple and clear. In HmmQuiz, instructors can add images or videos to their tests, and they can also choose many other question formats in addition to fill in the blank questions.

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Fill in the blank test made about occupation therapy

Why to use a fill in the blank test maker to create your online quizzes

Fill in the blank test maker for online quizzes and exams HmmQuiz makes it easy to create engaging interactive quizzes instead of using pen-and-paper tests. It combines the strenghts of fill in the blank questions and modern technologies to make your teaching process more interesting and effective.

Popularity of fill in the blank questions has its roots in advantages such a testing tool provides to everyone involved into a teaching or learning process.

Fill in the blank questions give a valuable opportunity for students to reflect on what they have learned throughout a course. They give instructors high-quality data about how well students understand concepts and remember specific facts. It takes some time to give all answers to a fill in the blank test, because a test taker has to use various facets of their knowledge and skills to do this successfully.

Unlike multiple choice questions, a well-crafted fill in the blank question doesn’t show a test taker a correct answer option. Instead, it creates a sufficient context to activate the thinking process necessary to get to the right answer.

It can be answered successfully only if a student possess all the knowledge required to construct a logical path to the correct solution. It eliminates guessing, thus making your quizzes a more precise tool when it comes to defining the quality of both your teaching methods and your students’ diligence during classes.

Modern technologies add several additional levels of benefits to fill-in-the-blank-based testing, since they automate most parts of the testing process, making administration of such quizzes a fairly simple task. Online fill in the blank test maker HmmQuiz represents such a class of software.

Main features of a fill in the blank maker

When preparing a test in your online fill in the blank maker, usually you go through a set of steps required to define settings of the computer-based quiz. Here’s several examples of basic features you can expect to see in HmmQuiz.

  • Title is a starting point for any test, so, naturally, entering it in HmmQuiz interface is where you typically begin making your next quiz. The application supports both short and long titles, so it can be something simple like “First quiz”, or a highly detailed and descriptive title like “Quiz 5 – Section 7 – Semester I – Fill in the Blanks”. The most important part here is to make it informative enough for you, so that it would be easier to manage this test once it’s created, and for your quiz takers, such that they could easily understand what this test is about.

  • HmmQuiz is an online fill in the blank maker, which means it can calculate all test results automatically. To make it possible, you have to set a passing score. There are many grading strategies available in HmmQuiz so that you could apply the most appropriate one for each specific quiz. At the same time, when this app was created, one of the goals was to make everything as simple as possible, including those parts where some complexity is almost inevitable. A great example of such simplicity is an option to set a passing score in % of all points. In this case you can have the flexibility of assigning different point values to different questions, while removing the burden of calculating manually the exact number of points necessary to pass the test.

  • Giving constructive and test-specific feedback to students after the quiz is over and the result is calculated is an important component that must be present in any high-quality testing process. Such feedback can provide quiz takers with supplemental information about where they can find resources to prepare better for future tests if they failed the current one, or just to congratulate them and keep motivated for further learning if the test is passed. HmmQuiz has a special section in every test settings allowing you to write your own feedback messages that will be automatically shown to your students after the test. This is an optional step, and it can be skipped. In this case default messages will be used instead.

The more features fill in the blank test maker can offer you, the more strategies of using it you can choose from. Some advanced features that can be found in HmmQuiz may optimize the way you administer tests, while making your quizzes fine-tuned better to perfectly suit particular requirements you might have.

“Import questions” is a very convenient and time-saving feature, as it allows an instructor to add to a quiz many questions at once, without the monotony of filling out a form on the “New Question” page in HmmQuiz web interface for each new item you’d like to include into an exam. This saves both time and effort, as an educator doesn’t need to individually enter each question manually.

Also, fill in the blank test maker HmmQuiz supports various levels of information sharing between you and your quiz takers. For instance, if you’d prefer not to display information about what answers were correct in the exam students just completed, you can enable a feature that controls this particular parameter.

It might be useful if the main purpose of using HmmQuiz is just to assess the current level of knowledge among your students or employees, without providing them with immediate feedback about what specifically they did right or wrong on their tests.

In order to make tests more interesting and interactive, you might consider adding videos into your questions. Such videos can be instructive or somehow related to the topic of the question. It’s even possible to make a video a question itself.

Such a visual component enables additional possibilities to communicate something important to your quiz takers and put eloquent emphases on key points of the topic of the question. It would be an excellent format to use for quizzes that otherwise might be perceived as boring, for example, the ones about company’s policies or safety procedures. In the latter case, video gives the best possible format to show various scenarios in a manner that’s clear to viewers and concise at the same time.

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