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Why to use a fill in the blank generator in HmmQuiz

Creating fill in the blank questions for quizzes and tests can be tedious. Teachers spend hours writing out these questions, only to find that their students are not answering them correctly because something was wrong with the questions themselves.

It can happen when you have a lot of content to cover and not enough time, because the process of generating fill in the blank questions is not automated, and you need to do a lot of manual work while fighting with procrastination.

HmmQuiz can help you with such tasks and bring your testing process online. You just need to type in your text, define the possible answer options, and the software will create fill in the blank questions with corresponding blanks automatically.

HmmQuiz is a tool designed to make generating fill in the blank questions as easy as possible. This software will help you create good fill in the blank tests that your students will enjoy taking.

By using this fill in the blank generator, you’ll save time and efforts while improving student engagement at the same time.

As a fill in the blank generator, HmmQuiz allows you to add images and video into your web based tests, so that all the important information is accessible to students during testing time.

How to write good instructions for fill in the blank questions

Instructions for fill in the blank questions are an important aspect of your tests. In HmmQuiz you can add specific instructions for each fill in the blank question that you generate.

While doing this, it’s important to make sure that students understand instructions. They also must give them enough time to come up with their answers before they’re timed out.

The following tips will help you write good fill in the blank test instructions:

  • Keep instructions clear and concise. Focus only on the most important suggestions.

  • If different questions require different instructions, show instructions specific for each question right above it. Do not combine them in one place before the test. This way you will not confuse your students with too many instructions at once.

  • If it’s a timed test, suggest a time limit for each question. This will make sure students don’t spend too much time on some particular question that might be difficult for them and can comfortably answer sufficient number of questions to successfully pass the test.

Tips to prepare good answers for fill in the blank questions

  • It’s important to create fill in the blank questions that are difficult enough for students, but not so hard that it’s impossible to find an answer — they should have a real chance to answer them right.
  • Pay close attention to word choice and sentence construction. It’s advisable to place blanks as close to the end of sentences as possible, so that the quiz taker has a sufficient context when he or she sees the blank.
  • When composing the question, try including answer options for all possibile correct answers. Create a significant variety of ways to fill correctly each blank if there are many possible ways to give an answer.
  • Make sure you’re not accidentally giving students more information than they need, provide just enough hints for them to fill in the blank.
  • Double check that you don’t have an answer to the current question available in some other question in the same test, because that would defeat the purpose of fill in the blank questions.

The blanks for answers should have the same width, regardless the length of the answer or the number of words that is expected to be written in them. Otherwise it can be used as a hint at what the correct answer should be.

In HmmQuiz all blanks automatically have the same width. If necessary, these blanks can contain multiple words and may even include phrases.

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