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Have you ever needed to create a fill in the blank quiz for one of your classes, but found the process to be too time-consuming? If it sounds familiar, then fill in the blank creator such as HmmQuiz can offer you interesting options aimed at solving this problem.

This simple tool makes it easy to create tests, fill them with your own questions, and then assign these quizzes to your quiz takers online instead of printing them out.

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What is a fill in the blank creator?

An online fill in the blank creator is a web application that can be used to create fill in the blank tests in your web browser.

Modern fill in the blank creator like HmmQuiz can help you with remote test administration. It offers the online platform to manage quizzes and exams without using any offline facility at all. It makes it possible for students to take exams in any location, when only limited resources are available to them. They won’t need to necessarily have access to some specific or expensive devices, like computers, because even a smartphone will be enough.

As an online testing tool, HmmQuiz is designed to automatically grade exams and quizzes. It eliminates the need for grading time, provides immediate feedback on test scores, and can be easier to read than hand-graded versions of tests.

Online tutoring services may also benefit from this feature, as it provides feedback for homework assignments in a more timely manner. Thanks to this, students do not have to wait many hours or days until their teacher finally grades their tests.

Examples of additional features available in HmmQuiz

In HmmQuiz you can use a grading system based on assigning points to questions, instead of treating them as just “correct” or “wrong” in students’ results.

It may encourages quiz takers to think more critically about the question with a higher point score, since it will suggest that such questions obviously are not as simple as they might seem at the first glance.

It can lead students’ thoughts and thinking down the paths they would have not otherwise considered had there been no sign that this might be a difficult task.

Also, some instructors are unsure about whether to show students their detailed test results, with all the information about each question. It’s true that showing a student such data in detail could help them understand where they need to improve or what types of questions they should be asking themselves when studying for future tests.

But there might be reasons not to make test results details available to students at any given time. For example, it’s the case if you think they might try memorize correct answers for future test attempts instead of normal preparation for exams, built around acquiring knowledge. That’s why in HmmQuiz you can disable displaying questions in student’s final result interface.

Why to create fill in the blank tests in HmmQuiz

Fill in the blanks tests are often used by teachers as a form of assessment for students, because it is an effective way of checking comprehension levels.

It can also be quite convenient to test whether students have listened attentively during class or not. In this case the students have to answer a series of fill in the blank questions related to certain content the class was dedicated to. Then their teacher can review all answers, notice all possible errors, and later provide additional input on the topic to improve the learning process.

Similar advantages of fill in the blank questions are also available to business owners who care about the quality of services their employees provide to customers.

For example, if you have a restaurant and need all the staff to know perfectly a menu, communication style guide, and other important components of the identity of your company that make it special for your visitors, then fill in the blank creator will let you prepare quizzes that will be very difficult to pass for those who don’t want to invest necessary time in understanding what’s your business values and principles are.

Pros and cons of fill in the blank questions

There are following pros of the fill in the blank questions:

  • They can involve deeper logical thinking than multiple choice questions.

  • A quiz taker cannot easily guess or recognize the correct answer among the available alternatives, as they might do it with multiple choice questions.

  • It’s quite easy to create and administer tests with such questions, especially when an instructor uses an online fill in the blank creator such as HmmQuiz.

  • Answers to such questions provide an educator valuable feedback about the quality of education and flaws of some parts of the learning plan or questions in the test. Unlike with MCQs, where students usually select some answer anyway, even if the question was composed incorrectly by an instructor, fill in the blank questions will make all such problems transparent if a lot of quiz takers fill blanks with obviously wrong understanding of the context.

At the same time, fill in the blank questions might have cons like these:

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to think of all the possible correct answers when the question is created. As a result, such questions might be difficult to grade automatically. Thankfully, in HmmQuiz you can also use manual grading to override grades assigned to student’s response by a software.

  • Students might be more anxious when working with fill in the blank questions due to higher level of uncertainty when it comes to deciding what the correct response could be. But it’s quite debatable if this even should be considered a negative factor, since situations like this are much closer to real-life situations than a kind of experience quiz takers have with some other question types.

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