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You can create a true or false quiz online with the help of HmmQuiz in less than three minutes. Make, share, and grade quizzes automatically, while offering interactive and engaging learning experience for your students.

In HmmQuiz, instructors, teachers, and tutors can prepare quizzes about any topic of their choice. Several grading strategies that you can use with this online software will help you motivate students to do their best on each quiz.

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True or false online quiz example

How to create a true or false quiz online with HmmQuiz

Online quizzes with true or false questions can help you quickly assess an individual’s understanding of the topic, identify possible misconceptions, or gauge their reading comprehension skills.

To create a true or false quiz online with HmmQuiz, follow these steps.

  1. Open your HmmQuiz account and click “Create Test”.

  2. Define all the basic quiz parameters, such as its title. For example, it might be just a simple “True or False Quiz”.

  3. Next, set the amount of points that will be necessary to successfully pass the quiz, and the number of minutes quiz takers will have at their disposal to take it.

  4. Click “Save & Add First Question”.

  5. From this point, you can start adding as many true or false questions to your quiz as you need. First of all, for each question you will have to enter the main text of it. Usually it contains some statement which can be either true or false, like “January and February are the coldest months in Australia”.

  6. Then in the “Question type” selector choose “True or False”.

  7. In the “Answers” section mark the correct answer option. For an example with Australia used above it will be, of course, “False”.

  8. If you’re creating a quiz with points, assign some value to the current question. For example, the easiest ones might get 1 point, medium-level questions will have 3 points, and the hardest ones will award students with 5 or 10 points.

  9. Add a correct answer explanation to enable students to understand the concepts covered by the test better. It will also be helpful when they will be revising this quiz or taking another test that will include this question in the future.

  10. Click “Save & Close”.

Now your quiz is complete, and it’s ready to be assigned to your quiz takers online.

In the “Tutorial” section in your HmmQuiz account you will find step-by-step video guide that covers in detail how to give and take quiz in HmmQuiz.

Additional features of a true or false quiz maker

Feature-rich true or false quiz makers, like HmmQuiz, are not limited by a simple scenario described above. Plenty of other features that can be found in this online application make it more flexible and powerful solution than the words “true or false quiz maker” might suggest.

  • Automatic grading in HmmQuiz saves time and energy for both instructors and students. And if for teachers such benefits are quite obvious, for quiz takers they are also very valuable. It might be mentally draining to just sit and wait for quizzes to be graded manually by your teacher, when you still have no idea yet whether you passed it or failed. With online true or false quiz maker that calculates all results automatically in just a second after you submitted your answers, you don’t have to be in this unpleasant place. The final grade with all the details will be prepared and displayed automatically, without any delays, right after the test. Even if a student failed, at least he or she will discover it immediately, which gives them more time for improvement and less time for fruitless worrying and second-guessing every answer choice they had.

  • True or false maker HmmQuiz has many other question types as well. One of the most popular and interesting ones among them is a fill in the blank question format. Fill in the blank questions are considered by many tutors to be more engaging and interesting than traditional true or false questions, multiple choice, or essay. Fill in the blank tests offer an alternative to standard MCQ-type-based grading methods, because they allow people to give answers by entering correct words from their keyboards. At the same time, there’s no need for long texts to be composed, as opposed to essay format.

  • In HmmQuiz, a teacher can quickly export a test result with all of the details. It will make grade management much easier and quicker. It also allows teachers to take into account student privacy, by not displaying any personal information about students to those with whom they’d like to share test results. It’s possible because all the information is exported into a simple text-based CSV file that you can easily edit in your favorite spreadsheet application, like Microsoft Excel, to remove parts that are not intended for sharing. Such files can be used to share with your colleagues specific class’ learning progress in an easy-to-read table. In their default state, these CSV files include the following information: student names, class, time when the test took place, average score, number of attempts used by each student, etc.

More ways to make learning better with HmmQuiz

Showing a message like “You failed the test!" right after the quiz completion can be very discouraging. Of course, it’s nice to see the opposite text, if the exam was passed. But seeing negative comments on student’s performance that immediately follow their answers submission can have quite a negative effect on their morale and motivation.

Usually negative feedback is much more effective if it’s given later, with positive reinforcement added on top of it in some way. That’s why in HmmQuiz you can disable such messages on the test result page your students are shown the moment the test ends.

Also, even though with HmmQuiz you can create true or false quiz for online testing, it doesn’t mean that this app cannot be used for your on-site testing as well. It’s quite the opposite, since it can help with this part of your testing processes too, if your students have access to computers or smartphones during your classes.

While some teachers may still require paper and pen tests, more and more educators are beginning to appreciate the advantages of digital testing software, and starting using it in their offline classrooms too.

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