How Your Company Can Benefit from Testing Employees with Online Testing Tools

Testing has been used for many years in business. It proved to be one the most effective techniques that can be applied to both hiring process and the employees’ professional knowledge and skills assessment process.

Today almost every business, small to big, uses tests and exams to ensure that job applicants fit the company’s professional and cultural requirements.

Also, regular testing and examination of the employees help the company’s management maintain the high professional level of their subordinates and always keep the finger on the pulse of the most important part of any business – human resources.

So, it’s not really a question whether you should or shouldn’t use testing in your company. It’s more about what is the best way of doing it.

Two approaches to the testing process

Today there are basically two main approaches to this process.

The first approach is the old one. You prepare some test in your text processor, or buy the ready-made set of questions, print it out, and give it to the person you have to test. Then you manually control the time limits this test has to conform. Once the testing is over, you have to manually check the papers, calculate the result, and analyze it.

This entire process doesn’t really look like the most optimal way of spending your time. It also creates tons (literally, tons) of wasted paper, since after the test is finished and results are analyzed, nobody really needs all of those sheets of paper anymore.

The second approach – automation of the testing process with the modern computer tools – is much better than what’s described above. You can simply use a special computer application, usually an online app, that makes your life much easier. It not only streamlines the aforementioned testing process, but also brings to the table a lot of additional advantages.

Here’s the brief list of 6 main benefits you can get from using online testing tools like HmmQuiz.

1. Save your time

Save your time with online testing tools

When you use online testing tools, all you need to do is to enter all the questions you’d like to have in the test, and assign this test to the people that have to be tested. Everything else will be done by the application.

The application will automatically control the time limits and finish the test the moment those limits are reached.

It will also instantly calculate results and show you which questions were answered correctly and which ones got wrong answers.

All the questions once added to the online testing tool can be reused unlimited number of times in unlimited number of tests. All you need to do to include any of the previously added questions to the new test is to press the button like “Add this question to the test”.

2. Analyze effectively your employees’ performance

Online testing tools significantly reduce the burden of test results analysis, since they represent all the data in a convenient and easy-to-use manner.

You can easily compare test results from different people, and even take into account the exact amount of time that each person used to complete the test, which can be used as an additional indicator of how comfortable she or he is with the topic of the test.

Such applications also offer you a lot of aggregated stats, like the number of people answered incorrectly some questions. This is a very important metric which often can be used as a sign that some particular areas of expertise have to be covered better within your organization.

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3. Go green, save money, and reduce the paperwork

Go green and use online testing

One of the most obvious benefits you can get from using online testing tools is that you don’t need paper and all of those printers anymore.

Which is great not only because it saves your company a lot of money, but also because it helps nature.

We all know that our planet is not very happy neither with our paper production industry nor with the entire printing idea, requiring not only printers but also constant production of printer consumables.

Yes, several years ago there were no other options than using tests printed on paper. But today there’s no real arguments for continuing doing that.

4. Online testing tools are indispensable if you have remote employees

Create tests online for remote employees

These days more and more businesses start embracing the new reality which offers us a new brilliant opportunity to reduce corporate costs and make our employees happier at the same time. Sounds like a dream, but it’s real. It’s called remote job.

If your company contemplates using such an option or already does it, then online testing tools will facilitate greatly everything related to the testing of company’s employees.

If you use such an app, it doesn’t matter whether your company’s employee sits in the same room as you, or if she or he is a thousand miles away from the office. The only thing that both of you need in such a situation is an Internet plus some device connected to it. It even doesn’t need to be a computer – modern testing tools like HmmQuiz let you both create and take tests anywhere: on desktop computers, laptops, tablet PCs, or smartphones.

Actually, thanks to the advantages described in the previous paragraphs, even if you don’t have remote employees, with an online testing tool the company doesn’t really need to allocate a special office space, even temporary, for the on-site testing.

5. Give each of your employees a unique edition of each test

One of the advantages of online testing tools that cannot be matched by the old paper testing is the possibility to give each person that has to take the test the unique edition of it.

If you need it, every instance of the test will have a random order of questions and even the random order of answers within each question. It ensures that every person reads carefully every question and consciously gives the answers, thus minimizing the risk of “mechanical” approach to the test.

It also means that while creating tests you don’t need to pay attention to the place of the correct answer in each question. Otherwise it would be an important thing to manually control in order to prevent the same pattern all over the test, when, for example, the correct answer is always the first one.

6. Enhance your tests with video, audio, and pictures

Another thing that is basically unavailable when using testing on paper is the option of including media in your questions, especially audio and video.

When you perform your tests and exams online with tools like HmmQuiz, you can easily attach to any question big pictures or embed YouTube videos in it.

It opens up the new dimension for your tests, since with such level of interactivity you can leverage the visual and audio technologies to show your employees or job applicants the real examples of different situations they might have to deal with at their job.

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