How Online Tests and Exams Can Help You Improve Your Students’ Results

Tests and quizzes are very powerful tools that help educators both teach their students and control the quality of the education during the educational or training program and when it ends.

As any powerful tool, tests can be easily used in the wrong way, and, as a result, lead to the outcome opposite to what was expected.

For example, if tests are too boring they might demotivate and frustrate students instead of engaging them.

Or, when the tests are printed on paper, quiz takers might be additionally stressed having accidentally damaged their sheets with answers (or even by the very thought of doing it), which will likely have a negative impact on their ability to concentrate on the test, and therefore they won’t show their best results.

Also, if the testing process is not reasonably protected from cheating, and students can pass the exam even without knowing the correct answers, it will mean that some of them won’t be motivated enough to study and prepare for the exam. Eventually it might lead to the low quality of education.

Online exam software like HmmQuiz can help you overcome all of these obstacles and significantly improve the entire testing process.

Online Tests and Exams Can Be Similar to Video Games to Your Students

If you use online testing tools like HmmQuiz, your students will be able to take their tests on their favorite devices — desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Create online test and exams for students in HmmQuiz

Those are devices they are using in their everyday life for entertainment, including video games. Most students are comfortable with them as these devices usually are not subconsciously linked by quiz takers with negative emotions and stress, like the typical paper-based testing can be.

And when your student feels comfortable and is not anxious, it’s great for their education.

Also, the computer-based tests can be actually perceived by students almost like games. They work on their smartphones, they have modern look, they might have pictures and videos, and they even show the final score in points, like many games do.

Final score after the online test in HmmQuiz

Thanks to this, even a huge and very serious final exam with dozens of difficult questions, when presented via the online testing tool like HmmQuiz, can be perceived by test takers like a challenging, difficult game they really want to finish with the highest possible score.

We receive very positive feedback not only from teachers who use HmmQuiz, but also from their students. They quickly understand the application and use it on all of their devices: 56% of tests are taken on PCs, 38% on smartphones, and 6% on tablets.

Even more: often students of teachers who don’t use HmmQuiz yet sign up on HmmQuiz and create quizzes on their own, to prepare for upcoming tests and exams.

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