Create Your Own Test or Use the Ready-Made Quiz: pros and cons

“Should I create my own test or simply use the ready-made quiz?” This is a quite popular question.

Creating quizzes sometimes can be quite difficult. First of all, you need to decide which topics are important enough to be included into the test. Then you have to create questions that would cover those topics.

If you’re making a quiz with multiple choice questions, for each question you also have to think of at least two or three so called distractors — incorrect answers that will make your test takers think before selecting the correct one.

Is it even worth it? Maybe, it would be better to just use some test or a set of questions that was already prepared by somebody else?

Advantages of ready-made tests, quizzes, and exams

Ready-made tests have one advantage which is quite obvious — you can take them and use them without even thinking about how to create something like that on your own.

It means that you can save a lot of time and don’t need to master the craft of creating great questions. So, if you’re not sure whether you could prepare high quality tests, you can at least leverage the work of those who are already experienced in this field.

But, unfortunately, this is where the advantages of using ready-made tests begin and end.

Why to create your own test is usually the best option

Any test that wasn’t created by you rarely reflects accurately the scope of skills and knowledge that you need to test in your particular case.

Create your own test online

The thing that by design is created to fit the large range of situations might not completely fit some specific purpose.

So, if you can create your own test, you should always do it.

Often there’s actually no other options, because ready-made alternatives simply don’t exist:

  • if you need to test your employees’ knowledge of rules and instructions that they need to know in order to work at your company, nobody but someone from your company can prepare such tests;
  • if you have to ensure that your sales representatives know perfectly the products you manufacture or services you offer, the tests must be prepared by experienced managers or experts who already work for your company and know all ins and outs of your business;
  • if you have some unique training course or education program, only you can create tests, quizzes, and exams for it.

Essentially, almost always when testing is an important part of your business or education processes it’s recommended to consider creating your own tests instead of using ready-made ones.

Modern online testing tools like HmmQuiz save you a lot of time and resources on many tasks the testing process usually consists of. So, if you use such an application, you can spend more time on creating great tests and great questions that would suit your needs perfectly.

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